Dear Members, "VISHWA UMIYA FOUNDATION" has come into existence for the purpose of developing unity, integrity and solidarity in the members of the Kadva Patidar community all over the world and the organization desires that our community may prosper economically, socially and educationally.

The organization desire to do resultant activities whereby upliftment of the lower class community becomes possible. This organization desires to make all the families of the community capable of prospering in their chosen fields and to sustain against all the challenges at the world level. The organization is also desirous for various activities whereby the mission of the organization is fulfilled and the best results are achieved.

Let us come together to activate the dormant strengths of the members of our community for the purpose of achieving new heights by introducing various programmes for the prosperity unity and solidarity of our community. Let us all be determined to do something remarkable for our community as well as for our country.

Let us come together at the world level and utilize the strength of the members of our community for leading the world by our exemplary united strength.

It is said that there is strength in unity. Therefore, we have to develop our unity for the over all development of our community and we have to reach the heights of success in all fields for the betterment of our community.

In the first phase more than 200 families of our community living all over the world have gracefully accepted the responsibility of our trust voluntarily and they have whole heartedly given their valuable contribution in terms of monetary aid for our organization. We honor and respect their valuable contribution to the community.

We pray to "Maa Umiya" that such Bhamasha families may always prosper and may get all the peace and happiness in the world and the organization will never forget their valuable contribution.

We hereby invite all the members of our community to offer themselves to become trustees of "VISHWA UMIYA FOUNDATION" and to offer their valuable time, guidance or donation as a mark of their commitment to the community.

Let us all get united to determine that the grand temple of “Maa Umiya” may be constructed and notice of such temple may be taken by the whole world whereby the whole community develops the attitude of togetherness.

May Maa Umiya bless all the members of our community all over the world for offering their valuable contribution for the grand success of our mission and for the progress and prosperity of each and every member of our community.

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